Mamacita coolers

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Read carefully ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣
Once you have ordered you will comment back on the thread/or email me back at and you will leave your EMAIL, CITY and STATE and will need to pay a shipping invoice as well. I WILL NOT TRACK YOU down to get this paid ! I will REFUND YOU if you do not get it paid promptly once I am able to send

These are scheduled to be on the 2nd shipment round which will deliver to us MID NOVEMBER
I cannot control and will not be able to guaranty the exact ship times but as soon as I have these in hand I will bust my tail to get them to you so they are perfect for Christmas.

🍭These are equivalent to the Yeti/Rtic but whats even better is they have a vacuum seal button for release and also a bottle opener.

I will only ship within the US via UPS or if you are close enough, you def can pick up which I suggest.

The pricing is as follows and does NOT include shipping :
Tie Dye 20qt >>>> $279
Tie Dye 52qt with wheels >>>>$399
Leopard 20qt >>>>>$279
Leopard 52 qt with wheels >>>> $399
*no discount codes will be allowed and your order will be REFUNDED and sent to next in line if you do that on the website*
We do offer SEZZLE!!! Which I highly suggest !!!!